Asbestos Removal Contract Update – July

Asbestos Removal Contract Update – July

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Since returning back to work after an initial suspension of work due to the lockdown Inner City Environmental are carrying on where they left off. A very full order book is keeping our asbestos teams very busy indeed.

Here is an Asbestos removal contract update for July.

Asbestos Removal Contract Update

Tooley Court Alms houses – A charity based in Ipswich providing elderly residents accommodation. Inner City have previously worked here carrying out removal of internal AIB panels. We are now carrying out a full environmental clean and encapsulation to the external boiler room and workshop, thermal insulation residue to the walls.

Bury Street West Depot – A former Council depot, our scope of works consists of the removal of thermal insulation residue to the boiler room along with floor tiles, bitumen and other non-notifiable works.

Chalk Lane Hotel, Epsom – A grade 2 listed former hotel, our scope of works consist of the removal of textured decorative coatings to various locations along with AIB panels internally. This is due to the former building contractors not carrying out the required R&D Survey. The contractors removed and deposited large amounts of broken AIB removed from within the property in the rear gardens, this has caused severe contamination to the land.

Pinewood film studios, Slough – This is 6 weeks work to remove thermal insulation to the external pipe work, this will be carried out in conjunction with Inner City Scaffolding. They will be supplying the licensed scaffold crash decks to enable us to create our enclosures and remove the ACM’s.  This is quite a tricky section of the works as the access roads will need to remain open to traffic during the course of our works. We are also carrying out removal of pipe insulation within the existing trenches internally along with AIB firebreaks to various locations.

Aspen House, Camden – This is an 8 weeks contract to remove AIB panels, thermal insulation under a gym floor, AC roof sheets, floor tiles, bitumen, sink pads etc. The building is a seven storey residential block of flats along with the outbuildings which include a gym, garage blocks and storage areas.

Fujitsu Services, Basingstoke – we will be returning here later this month to carry out the removal of non-asbestos ceiling tiles, grid and other services, once this has been removed we can then access the textured decorative coatings on plasterboard above. This is phase 2 of the works and phase 1 was completed last month, on time and under budget. Project duration 4 weeks.

Royal Liberty School – Works are still progressing well at the school where we have picked up further phases of removal works and this will potentially turn a 6 week project into a 12 week project. We had an unannounced ARCA audit which we passed with an A, and recently we had an HSE visit which also went very well. The inspector commented that our site was very good run site and was impressed with our new POW template.

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