Follow the correct procedures

On a recent walk in the Country one of our members of staff walked past a piece of land that had been sold for redevelopment. For years an old asbestos garage had stood there looking quite dejected.

The sight that met his eyes filled him with annoyance. So much so he decided to take a picture with his phone.

The asbestos had been removed, using what method was unclear. There were no sealed asbestos bins on site whatsoever. The asbestos was stacked on top of each other and spread throughout the area. As our staff member had just finished taking the picture, an old couple arrived on site and asked if they could help. Our staff member pointed out that in the very least, the asbestos sheeting required to be covered. If their contractor had followed correct removal procedures, it was not evident. Additionally, it was made clear that the outcome would not be good if the HSE saw this. “We are taking care of it,” was the reply and not to be so abrupt. It shows that the general public is still very ignorant about asbestos. If you have a garage, shed, or barn, make sure you research how to remove asbestos sheeting correctly or ask a professional to do it for you. The sheets have to be removed using the correct protective clothing, sprayed and wrapped before going into a sealed bin, and then removed by a licensed waste contractor. Do correctly – If you have a similar project where you require asbestos sheeting to be removed contact us. We will be going back to the site to check that they have taken our advice.
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