Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal Services

Dangers associated with lead paint

Were you aware that  old leaded paint can be serious risk to your health in the same way asbestos removal is? It was used extensively before the 1980’s. It can be hidden under old coatings and if paint is removed by sanding, blow torches or heat guns set to above 500 C releases dust particles and fumes that are extremely dangerous to health.</p.

Before carry out an Asbestos R&D survey a Lead Survey should be carried  to prevent any lead exposure risks to these surveyors.

Lead surveys who needs one?

  • Clients/CDMC’s/Principle Designers – are responsible for the commissioning of refurbishment and demolition work where paint surfaces will be disturbed;
  • Principle Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Maintenance Contractors – anyone responsible for the organisation/undertaking of works which may disturb painted surfaces;
  • Facilities Managers – Where the duty exists to protect building occupants from potential exposure to Lead Paint hazards such as Lead Paint on friction surfaces, impact surfaces or deteriorated/flaking paintwork in the workplace
  • Custodians of Infrastructure – Flaking or deteriorated Lead Paint on or within an asset which includes pylons or bridges can present danger to adjacent neighbours and the wider public when flakes and particles become airborne
A  lead paint survey is required for all relevant projects under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, 2015 (‘CDM’) plus The Control of Lead at Work Regulations

Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal, is also known as Lead Abatement. Inner City team are fully compliant with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations, HSE approved guidance and the LiPSA (Lead in Paint Safety Association) guidelines. We undertake every aspect of lead paint removal using the latest technologies and processes. We never compromise on safety. For more information on our Lead Paint removal services email nick@innercityenvironmental.co.uk Guidance on Lead Paint can be found here or Tel: 01322 273517
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