Oxfordshire WWII Aerodrome

Project Details

Project Name: Oxfordshire WWII Aerodrome

Date: November 2020

Scope of Work

We are proud to have been appointed the preferred Asbestos Removal partner for the world’s leading aircraft ejection seat manufacturer Martin Barker.

Chalgrove Airfield is a former World War II aerodrome near Chalgrove, South Oxfordshire. While the Airfield will play an important role in meeting the future needs of South Oxfordshire, it is important to recognize the heritage of the site and its continued use as an aerodrome facility. Development plans reflect this history and include provision for an active runway and for the existing uses to be retained onsite.

The site is a live aircraft hanger which is fully occupied with staff. Our scope of works involved the to cutting of 2no. 6” holes at high level through the internal asbestos paper (chrysotile) lined strawboard to the RHS wall of the hanger to install fire rated sleeves to facilitate the installation of new extraction units within the new work shop which is under construction. Access to the hanger was through the main hanger doors.

No isolations were required for works to safely proceed. Air monitoring was carried out continuously, and we continued to deliver our operations systematically and safely in line with COVID-19 directives.

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