104 Broadway, Ealing

Case Studies

104 Broadway, Ealing

Maldon Demolition
104 Broadway, Ealing

Inner City Environmental were appointed as the asbestos removal contractor for the 104 Broadway project by Maldon Demolition. They were demolishing the former BHS store for Rydon

Scope of Work:
  • The former BHS store had been identified to contain various types of asbestos throughout. This included asbestos insulation board (AIB) and pipe insulation. All were categorised as licensed asbestos.
  • The licensed asbestos was subject to a 14 day notification period, which was submitted to the HSE prior to the start.
  • Due to the size of the project and the allocated 13 week programme over 18 asbestos removal operatives were assigned to the project.
  • The plan of work for the removal involved establishing 3 removal areas at once.
  • Each area was constructed by erecting timber frames around the ACM and then encapsulating the frame with polythene. Small gaps around the edge were filled with expanding foam, to make the enclosure air tight.
  • The area was then subjected to negative pressure by installing neg units at certain points around the enclosure to ensure the air inside was regularly filtered and changed for fresh air.
  • Decontamination units were installed so that the removal operatives could decontaminate themselves prior to leaving the areas.
  • Bag locks were installed in the enclosure so that the sealed bags of waste could be safely transported to the waste container.

The Project ended by being completed 11 days ahead of programme. The Inner City team also received a 100% safety record during the safety inspections carried out by the Principal Contractor Rydon.

asbestos insulation board (AIB) removal