Case Studies

Project Name: Bracknell

Client: EPS
Date: 2016 - 2020


Scope of Work:

Asbestos Removal Bracknell

We are proud to have been appointed as the Asbestos Removal Bracknell specialist contractor for this global end user, carrying out our works in a safe and secure manner whilst working in a fully occupied building. Our scope of work includes the full removal, encapsulation and decontamination of this 10th floor commercial premises.

Commencing in 2016, we continue to deliver our operations systematically and safely throughout this occupied building, phased removal and decontamination is ongoing with additional works continuing throughout 2020 and in line with COVID-19 directives.

Removal of Encapsulation

To carry out the removal of sprayed insulation and residue to the ceiling and beams under fully controlled conditions, asbestos contains Amosite & Chrysotile and is in a poor unsealed condition.

Removal of Environmental Decontamination

Removal of contaminated ceilings within the 8th floor to allow the repair of a water leak the condition of the asbestos is poor & the main type is amosite.


During the asbestos removal Bracknell works our on site team received praise for their work.

"We are in week 3 of our 8 week asbestos strip out programme here at Fujitsu, I want to say thank you for the efforts from the ICE team so far. I appreciate that the lessons from previous floors and our discussions have been heeded by ICE. The paperwork, site set up, waste runs etc have all so far gone very well.

The on site client from Fujitsu has also commented to me that the site is very well presented. She is also please that the paperwork has been issued in advance of the works starting and for the waste notes being sent in a timely fashion.

Let’s keep up the good work guys, it is really working in our favour having such a strong team on site."

Heather Williams, Project Manager for our Client EPS commented

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