Chestnut Grove Academy

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Chestnut Grove Academy

Kier Construction
June 17 - September 17
Chestnut Grove Academy

Inner City Environmental were given the role of asbestos removal contractor by Kier Construction for the Chestnut Grove Academy project.

The building was a primary school but is now unoccupied. The works have been spread over numerous phases with the current phase being programmed for approximately 6 months.

Scope of Work:
  • Armstrong York completed a Demolition and Refurbishment for the building, which identified all of the asbestos materials throughout the structure.
  • Prior to the start of the removal works the school building was decanted of students. They were relocated into the new school building which was constructed nearby.
  • Firstly the site had to have the hygiene facility established to provide suitable cleaning facilities for the workers.
  • Wearing the correct PPE the work area was pre-cleaned of non-ACM, ensuring that all objects and debris are removed. This helps to ensure that the work area and waste transit routes are free from debris.
  • Enclosures were erected using 1000-gauge polythene, incorporating the air locks and bag locks. CCTV systems installed in the enclosures to ensure that the works can be clearly viewed from the outside.
  • Smoke tests were completed in the enclosures to check that there are no gaps. Once this was completed, a 3-bar warning sign was displayed on the front flap of the air lock to designate the area as now live.
  • The removal works involved the removal of asbestos insulation board (AIB) from various places around the school. A large amount of asbestos containing textured coating is to be removed from the ceilings.
  • All the asbestos waste was removed from the areas by firstly placing it into regulation waste bags, sealed with tape and then transported to the waste skip via the designated transit route.
  • Once the removal works were complete the areas were subjected to a fine clean using a H Type vacuum cleaner  and taking rags.
  • The area is then firstly inspected but the Supervisor before being handed over to an analyst who will conduct their own inspection, followed by an air-test being completed before handing the areas back to Northeast Demolition so that the building can be demolished.
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