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We provide ARCA accredited cost effective asbestos removal and encapsulation services nationwide.

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Inner City Environmental can provide you with a reliable commercial and residential asbestos removal in London services for small to large scale demolition and refurbishment projects. We can also provide lead paint removal services.

Asbestos removal categories

There are 3 different types of Asbestos Removal  & Encapsulation work. These are Non-Licenced Work, Notifiable Non-Licenced Work (NNLW) and Licenced Work.

All non-licensed and notifiable non-licensed work with asbestos must be carried out as detailed on the task sheets within the HSE resource Asbestos Essentials.  Those carrying out the work must have had the correct level of information, instruction and training, to protect themselves and others from the risks to health that exposure to asbestos causes.

Licenced work must be carried out by a Licenced Asbestos Removal Contractor (LARC).

We always recommend using a licenced contractor to remove any asbestos, wether it is in the commercial or private sectors.

ACM encapsulation
Removal or encapsulation?

If a building built before the year 2000 has to demolish there is a good chance that it will contain asbestos. Of course, this is after you have had a proper demolition and refurbishment survey which we can arrange for you. Inner City uses a variety of methods to carry asbestos removal works under controlled conditions. However, if the building is to undergo refurbishment and asbestos is in the building and is in good condition, you don't always have to remove it, you might be able to encapsulate it instead.

Why choose asbestos encapsulation?

Asbestos encapsulation is a cost-effective alternative to the sometimes expensive and potentially harmful asbestos removal. Removing asbestos can cause asbestos fibres to be released into the air if not removed with extreme care. The asbestos encapsulation method seals the asbestos with a protective coating. It is the safest solution  to protecting your building from the dangerous asbestos fibres.

The benefits are:

  • More cost-effective option than asbestos removal London
  • No fibres are released
  • Less time consuming
  • Less disruption caused
  • More environmentally friendly

Please contact one of our experts at Inner City Environmental to discuss whether asbestos removal London or encapsulation is the best method for your project.


Lead Paint Removal

Just as asbestos lead paint which was common in properties built before the 1980's can cause serious health problems. Breathing in lead dust or fumes can cause kidney, nerve, brain damage or infertility. This is caused by stripping old paint with blow torches, heat guns and sanding.

The paint can be found under existing paintwork in older buildings.

Inner City can arrange testing and removal under controlled conditions.

Lead Paint Removal
ACM removal and encapsulation

Our asbestos removal and encapsulation experts are waiting to assist you with your requirements.

We have 25 years of expertise carrying out cost effective asbestos removal and encapsulation services nationwide.