World Mental Health Day – 10th October

World Mental Health Day – 10th October

Inner City Environmental Ltd fully support Word Mental Health Day, this coming Saturday 10th October 2020

As part of this Inner City Environmental have issued a poster to all employees to raise awareness – the poster can be seen below.

One of the worst industries to be in when it comes to mental health is the construction industry, statistically it has one of the highest suicide rates per industry in the UK. Our industry is the perfect example of how differently society view physical and mental health, and today we wanted to reassure everyone at Inner City Environmental you are not alone, if you are struggling help is available. We have issued a copy of the World Mental Health Day Poster to all workforce to provide the relevant contact details should they require additional support.

Mental Health Charities

There are a number of Mental Health Charities who can provide useful information and help on Mental Health. Some of these are listed below.
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