Progress, Arla Dairy Asbestos Removal

Progress, Arla Dairy Asbestos Removal

We are coming to the end of the 1st week at our project for Hughes & Salvidge at the Arla dairy in Chelmsford.

We have been appointed as the asbestos removal contractor, to assure that the site is free of ACM's prior to redevelopment.

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The site is currently being cleared of all the old dairy equipment, which is being sold via auctions over the coming weeks.

Our operatives are currently removing all of the different ACM's from the buildings. There are areas of asbestos insulation board (AIB) which are getting removed under fully controlled conditions, including some that is inconveniently sandwiched between the walls and a layer of foam.

There also various cement corrugated cement roofs that are to be removed under semi controlled conditions.

We will be on site for a further 5 weeks before handing the site back to Hughes & Salvidge so that they can continue with the demolition.