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Asbestos Removal Social Distancing – back to work

Inner City Environmental back at work

The last few months has been difficult for all of us. Inner City managed to resume work very quickly after an initial shut down on specific projects by putting into place Social Distancing measures. The nature of our work on site means that our workforce are protected with full PPE.

Asbestos Removal Social Distancing

Overview by Managing Director Nick Greenfield on our recent asbestos removal projects using social distancing measures for the safety of our workforce and the general public.

Grange Farm Estate, Harrow: 7 blocks of flats for Northeast/Higgins, we are currently removing non notifiable products such as floor tiles & Artex and moving on to notifiable AIB in a few weeks, this will be after the timber propping of all the floors has been carried out in conjunction with the structural engineers. Estimated duration 14 weeks, Value £329,000.

Fujitsu Services Basingstoke: office areas to the main building for EPS, we are in the process of carrying out phase 1 works, which includes the removal of all non asbestos ceilings to gain access to the artex above. All works are carried out under strict fully controlled conditions. Phase 2 will be undertaken approx 2-3 weeks after completion of phase 1. Total project duration 7 weeks, Value £93,000.

Meriden Estate Watford: internal and external works for Mulalley to 5 bungalows in phase 1 with a further 5 to follow once they have been surveyed. We are currently carrying the removal of AIB soffits, porch panels, walkway ceiling panels under fully controlled conditions with non notifiable works to the internals of the properties. Project duration 2 weeks, value £12,000.

Hornsey Town Hall, London: Ardmore, we are in the process of removing 350m2 of listed flooring in conjunction with historic England under fully controlled conditions to the council chambers and have just completed the removal of 250m2 of listed flooring and wall panels to the supper room under fully controlled conditions within the main building to expose the thermal insulation to pipes, pipe work and asbestos to be removed with all listed elements to be retained where possible. Project duration 4 weeks, value £42,000.

Royal Liberty School, Brentwood: Wilmott Dixon, we have just begun to undertake the removal of notifiable and non notifiable works to this school, works include the removal of thermal insulation to the pipe work and thermal insulation residue to the walls, floors and ceiling within the main boiler room and adjacent corridors, removal of AIB lining panels to the stairwells and AIB debris within the ceiling voids under fully controlled conditions and removal of asbestos containing toilet cisterns, asbestos cement panels and floor tiles and adhesive within the I.T rooms. Project duration 7 weeks, value £65,000.

Pinewood Studios, Slough. Hughes & Salvidge, in phase 1 we are undertaking removal works to the old vaults and cutting rooms, works consists of the removal of thermal insulation to pipe work within low level ducts and thermal insulation to pipes under the external walkways carried out under fully controlled conditions, and removal of asbestos cement roof sheets, asbestos cement pipe sleeves and asbestos cement Louvre panels to the exterior of the vaults. Project duration 2 weeks, value £35,000. Phase 2 works will be carried out later this year.

We do have a few other smaller projects along with the social housing works done for Breyer and Mulalley.

All our works are being carried out with strict social distancing and following all relevant guidance from the government and PHE. We have implemented staggered working and lunch breaks and all sites have been issued with additional PPE including digital thermometers hand sanitisers and anti bacterial wipes along with additional Covid-19 signage.

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