Inaccurate R&D Asbestos Surveys – the HSE will prosecute

Inaccurate R&D Asbestos Surveys – the HSE will prosecute

Making sure that you use a reputable company to carry out an asbestos survey is very important. In the case of an inaccurate  Asbestos R&D survey. It will cause severe delay on a demolition project if asbestos is detected that is not on the survey. It will mean that all work […] Read more »

Artex in your home – how safe is it?

Artex – does the artex in your home contain asbestos?

Back in the 1970's Artex was used extensively as wall, floor and ceiling coverings by the DIY fanatics. It followed on from the polystyrene ceiling tile as the chosen ceiling covering. It was usually used to hide older cracked lath & plaster ceilings. No plastering skills were necessary hence its […] Read more »

Asbestos Removal – a sweet success in Croydon at Nestle Tower

Asbestos Removal – a sweet success

Inner City have secured the asbestos removal works as part of the major redevelopment taking place at the Nestle Tower in Croydon. The Nestle tower is an iconic building located in the centre of Croydon. Inner City Environmental are currently working on a wide range of asbestos removal and remediation […] Read more »

Asbestos Survey – What You Need To Know

Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey - In 1999 the use of asbestos in building materials was banned and legislation brought in to regulate disposal of existing asbestos or asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Asbestos had been used extensively in UK construction for decades before the ban and even now there remains a great many […] Read more »